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Our Genius Website Care Plans

Your website is the heart of your online presence, and like any valuable asset, it needs regular care and attention to function optimally. That’s where our Website Care Plans come in.

Website Care Plan

Why Do You Need a Genius Website Care Plan?

Just like a car needs regular servicing to run smoothly, your website needs regular updates and maintenance to ensure it performs at its best. Our website care plans are designed to provide you with peace of mind and keep your website healthy, secure, and up-to-date.

Find the right plan

Einstein Genius Plan

Reach unparalleled heights of industry success with our top-tier plan, modelled after Einstein’s genius, setting new standards in your field.

£ 150+

Pricing for the Einstein Genius Plan is available upon request. Contact us for a tailored quote.


Da Vinci Domination

Establish your business’s dominance and expand your influence with this plan, motivated by Da Vinci’s multifaceted mastery during the Renaissance era.



Curie Elite

Experience accelerated growth and elite services with this plan, crafted in the spirit of Marie Curie’s pioneering excellence in the scientific world.



Edison Accelerator

Ignite your digital presence with this plan, inspired by Edison’s innovative spirit, designed to fuel your business’s growth and enhance its online footprint.



Compare Plans

Compare and select the perfect plan for your business growth.

Edison Accelerator

Curie Elite

Da Vinci Domination

Basic Website Maintenance

Routine checks and updates to ensure smooth website operations.

Uptime Monitoring

Continuous monitoring to ensure your site is accessible to users around the clock.

Genius Transfer Service

Your complimentary solution for effortlessly transferring your existing domains and websites into our superior website care plans.

Genius Shield Lite

Our nightly malware scanning service, ensures your online presence remains secure and threat-free

Genius Shield

Complimentary removal of website-targeted malware, usually costing around £150 per infection.

Content Updates

Regular updates to your website content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Priority Support

Fast-tracked assistance and responses to your queries and concerns.

Dedicated Account Manager

Personalised service from a manager who oversees and optimises your account.

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